Climbing Technology


Climbing offers adrenalin-pumping experiences and unique thrills, testament to which is the ever-increasing number of people looking to take on the vertical world. If tackled in the natural environment, for example on crags, much more equipment is needed in comparison to what would normally be required to climb in an indoor facility, since there are no quickdraws fixed to the rock face, just bolts and pitons, and of course chains are needed to descend after reaching the top. The routes up the rock face are usually longer than the ten/fifteen metres of wall found in the gym, and this requires a rope measuring between 60 and 80 metres in length. Finally, in the outdoor environment, the routes and rock types are much more varied, hence the importance of being fully prepared right from the approach, bearing in mind that safety always comes before enjoyment. Therefore, having the right equipment is of the utmost importance: the sector’s benchmark brand, Climbing Technology, offers harnesses, quickdraws, belay devices and a range of other equipment that are simple to use and highly functional, whilst simultaneously guaranteeing protection at all times.


Climbing Technology


14 Settembre 2022